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Record investment in the new Terna 2024-2028 Industrial Plan

The Idea Factory: home-grown innovation

The “flying guardians” of high voltage on a helicopter to monitor the electricity grid

Feminine energy: new female professionals thriving in STEM

“L” for Lean Management

The EU strategy for green electricity grids of the future

It's time we got used to hailstorms

A bridge between Italy and Silicon Valley for the most innovative startups

Italy has adopted the National Biodiversity Strategy 2030

More renewables, less consumption makes for an optimistic winter adequacy outlook for the European electricity system

Artificial island will fully exploit renewable energy

Finance to support the energy transition: a success story

Protecting Posidonia oceanica is a key step towards ensuring the peaceful coexistence of marine life and submarine infrastructure

New talent and new skills: the Dispatching team works hard to keep the system in balance

Will the world’s governments allow seabeds to be mined for minerals?

Switzerland must achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, by law

Preventive archaeology, the key for a sustainable and integrated planning of electricity infrastructure

SALA DATI, a Terna podcast on electricity consumption #8

An antenna in Silicon Valley for the grid of the future

Continuous training and teamwork: young talents in the electricity system grow