The profound process of transforming the energy system told through stories of innovation, sustainability, environment and people.

Lightbox is a space that translates the complexity and importance of this transition through the expertise and projects managed by Terna, the operator of the Italian National Transmission Grid.

Just like in a photo lightbox, we shed light on the biggest issues that characterise our times (from the environmental crisis to the energy crisis) and prepare for our energy future (such as the electrification of consumption), always remembering to keep the focus squarely on people.


These factors sparked the launch of Lightbox: a multimedia blog that shines the spotlight on everything Terna, starting with our expertise in the electricity sector and our valuable and unique data.

The blog explores various areas: Innovation, with articles on the Challenges, topics related to sustainability and the dialogue with local communities in Transition, the work carried out by our Group and our people, always Frontline 24/7, focus and scenarios on the world of electricity with Insight.

Our aim is to combine our constant attention on the context with our focus on the major challenges of decarbonisation and the integration of renewable energy in Italy and Europe.

It is a great responsibility, just how we like it.