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The new Terna.it sees a change in form to get into the current transformation of the system.

The new Terna.it sees a change in form to get into the current transformation of the system. In the context of the great energy transition in progress, digital evolution is fundamental to tell an ever wider audience about the process of decarbonisation under way, investments required for full grid integration of renewables, and management of sustainable development of infrastructure to achieve this change.

A new full screen layout

The new platform is a unique opportunity for simple presentation of the complex daily management activities of the electricity grid, as well as the people, the specific skills engaged and the process for sharing information about works with citizens. Communication involves all stakeholders: from electricity operators to sector experts, and from media to academics and, naturally, citizens.

The thematic areas, presented with a new layout and structure, offer more accessible content that can be used by all players involved in the transition. The new Projects section follows the long process from design of a power line through to its creation, representing an important tool for consultation and dialogue with local areas: in 2018 alone there were over 300 meetings. The new portal also supports constant dialogue with communities, with the goal of achieving true participatory planning of large, national strategic infrastructure.

A new section focused on projects and dialogue with the local communities

Another strategic section of the new site is entitled People. With video interviews and original content, this section promotes our skills and corporate culture, presenting developments over recent years, aiming to focus on our employees and their professional growth.

The Electric system section fully renewed and more accessible

But that’s not all! The Electric System represents one of the key areas, and a point of reference for operators. The digital content within has been strategically reorganised and will be subject to ongoing updates: from the grid development plan to dispatching, from the electricity market to innovative projects, via two important data sharing platforms: the Transparency Report with live operational data and another focusing on the evolution of the electricity market, with consolidated statistical data. Charts and tables provide an immediate overview of the market and consumption relative to renewables.