Where are we on the environment? #10

What happened this month around the world in five news items: from the consequences of climate change on lakes, crops and people, to the effects of human activities on whales.

What's been happening around the world in June in five news items, for those interested in the environment, sustainability and ecological transition.


Observations show that lakes in the temperate zones of the planet are losing oxygen, above all due to climate change.


It has been found that climate change contributes to the spread of crop pests, as well as to their geographical distribution, with consequences on plant health.

(artwork by Magda Ehlers/Pexels.com)


According to recent research, over one-third of deaths caused by "excessive heat" during the summer months are attributable to climate change.


Evidence shows that stunted growth in a North Atlantic whale population is attributable exclusively to the fishing nets used in that area.


After the well-known list of the most liveable cities in the world, here is the one for the cleanest air: Umeå, in Sweden, has the best air quality in the European Union, while Nowy Sacz, in Poland, has the worst.