Where are we on the environment? #11

This month’s global events in five headlines: from forest fires in Finland and Siberia to flooding in Italy.

What’s been happening around the world in July in five news items, for those interested in the environment, sustainability and ecological transition.


In Finland temperatures rose above 30°C, the highest value since 1914, helping to trigger the largest forest fire in the country for fifty years.


In Como, Italy, 100 mm of rain fell in a single day, equivalent to the average rainfall for the whole of July, triggering serious flooding.

A forest fire in the UK (Climate Visuals)


Since the beginning of the summer in Siberia at least one and a half million hectares of forest have been destroyed by fires triggered by global warming.


In Brazil, in Rio Grande do Sul, temperatures dropped by 8°C, falling below zero, while the average temperature for this period is at least 5°C: a shift that has worried many experts.


Areas in the north-west of China have been struck by a freak sandstorm: in the city of Dunhuang clouds of sand over 100 metres high were captured on film.